ESFIR VODKA - The History


E S F I R   S.A.S   company and brand were created in 2014, in France.

E S F I R  V O D K A,

a French brand.

ESFIR VODKA is a Ultra Premium Vodka, distilled more than 10 times in a small family distillery in the Eastern Balkans, Bulgaria, in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains.

It is 100% wheat-based and its water comes directly from a spring in the mountains of Southern Bulgaria.  Its wheat is specially chosen for the production of the vodka, that’s one of the secret ingerdient that makes the finest quality to ESFIR vodka.

Its taste, especially its sweetness in the mouth, make it one of the rarest high quality vodkas. It contains 37.5% pure alcohol.

The bottling is made in France, manually, and each bottle is thoroughly verified before the final delivery to our customers.

ESFIR Bottle vodka ligne colour


is available in three different sizes: 0.7L, 1.5L and 3L. Each bottle, magnum and jeroboam is equipped with LED lights, which makes ESFIR very attractive in the nightlife, where the brand has been establishing itself more and more since 2015.

Since 2014, the brand ESFIR VODKA has developped a network of collaborators and distributors especially in France with more than 150 professionnal customers, resellers and distributors.

ESFIR VODKA LIMITED EDITION. The brand is working on this new creation, and will soon expand its range with 6L bottles as well as limited editions that will be released in just a few copies, in collaboration with various artists. 

ESFIR VODKA – One of the rarest high quality vodkas distributed.

Our product, ESFIR VODKA, became one of the rarest Ultra Premium Vodka distributed in France and Europe.


ESFIR, a rare Product

ESFIR VODKA MAGNUM – 70cl/0,7L/700mL

Packaged in cardboard boxes of 6 bottles.

37,5%Alc – 100% wheat

ESFIR VODKA MAGNUM – 150cl/1,5L/1500mL

Packaged in cardboard boxes of 4 bottles.

37,5%Alc – 100% wheat


Packaged in cardboard boxes of 2 bottles.

37,5%Alc – 100% wheat



A rising star in the world of Vodka

Discover the tasting expertise of ESFIR VODKA with Christophe Menozzi, Master of Sommelier of France.

Colour :

Like a sparkling mirror with silvery glints, a shiny and translucent disk, and a very good density.


Mouth :

A dynamic attack on the palate, with the mid-palate becoming both warm and sweet.

An evolution that extends on finesse and gives way to hints of dill, sweet pears, citrus fruits and delicate wild berries.

The finish is excellent, very fresh, topped with a touch of minerality that makes it digestible.

Nose :

A first nose of good aromatic intensity, elegant and seductive. A luxury hamper of wild berries, citrus fruits, white-fleshed fruits with pips, with a spicy touch of menthol. 

With a light shaking, the second nose emerges with a presence of citron, pear brandy, fresh juniper, pepper berries, accompanied by a delicious freshness.

Comment from the Master Sommelier :

A beautiful vodka, 100% wheat, with a high purity, due to its Balkan Mountains water. 

This is a vodka of character as indicated by Esfir, light and subtle as the martlet. A rising star in the world of vodka.

A vodka that deserves to be known for its quality as well as for its originality.

Tasting temperature :

If this vodka is enjoyed in the evening, ensure that it is well-chilled. If you combine it with a meal, you can enjoy it at around 10° to exalt all of its aromas.


Food pairing :

– Salmon Tranche just snacked, pear chutney with juniper berries.

– St Jacques tartare with a drop of Esfir, Picholine olive oil and fresh dill.

– Jelly oysters in bouillon of citrus, ginger, on rye bread.

Christophe MENOZZI
Master Sommelier of France UDSF


ESFIR VODKA, with the World finest Gourmet dishes

Our vodka has an unrivaled sweetness, which makes it an exceptional beverage to enjoy while eating.

For an unforgettable dinner around ESFIR.

st jaques food gourmet restaurant

Taste a dish of excellence, composed of salmon in a crust, fresh spinach in a cream sauce.

Taste ESFIR VODKA by combining this delicious dish.

An exceptional dish that is becoming more and more fashionable in haute cuisine.
Combining a hot crusted salmon, with a vodka served chilled, will set your taste buds on fire!

st jaques food gourmet restaurant


A dish that will not leave you indifferent.

A dish made up of sea shells cooked in salted butter, served with fresh oranges.
Black pepper and dill spice. A pure  authentic dish to taste in season.

A small glass of ESFIR will accompany this dish wonderfully.

salmon food gourmet restaurant saumon luxe

Tapas are excellent dishes to enjoy with friends.

Especially when it comes to smoked salmon back, elegantly layered on homemade toast.
Again, the dill spice will be the best accompaniment to this excellent tapas. The fresh cream will soften the biscuit and give the salmon a fabulous mouthfeel.

These tapas, to be served chilled, can be enjoyed with a shot of ESFIR VODKA, for a cozy evening with friends & family.

dj (1)

ESFIR VODKA, Dressed for the NIGHT

ESFIR is above all a vodka dedicated for the night, which fits perfectly into a festive setting, assuming its colors and its unique look.
It will marry perfectly with different types of cocktails, although it is exquisite to taste pure.

Ready for a night full of emotions?

ESFIR LeD it Glow !

INSTA esfirdrinks love vodka party ESFIR

The bottle, the first media of ESFIR.

Each 70cl ESFIR VODKA bottle, 150cl magnum and 300cl jeroboam can be equipped with LEDs according to customer requests. Have a look of the pictures juste here.

The LEDs sublimate the product, the bottle, as well as the customers who are served in night clubs and discos, or any parties where ESFIR invites itself.

The LEDs offers three modes of operation. Slow blin, fast blink and static light.

Thanks to its design, ESFIR VODKA has become one of the most popular hight quality vodkas in the nightlife in France, and it is also one of the rarest vodka on the market.
The distribution of ESFIR is mainly carried out in restaurants, bars, hotels, clubs and discosIt has established itself as a top quality, Ultra Premium vodka.

ESFIR VODKA is a festive, very special drink for parties, while offering consumers exceptional tasting quality.




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